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Fashion is something I’ve been consuming my whole life and I’ve discovered that dressing well can be a path to confidence, happiness and self discovery. But it can also be frustrating. Your style should be a unique reflection of you, but finding out who you are and what you like can be a journey filled with a lot of change and many mistakes (hello, 8th grade lipstick). Follow along as I share my own evolution, the fashion rules I’ve developed along the way and how to achieve elegance that come easy.

I promise to never share high-maintenance fashion trends, interior design that is out of reach, or makeup tips that take more than 5 minutes. Because style should be personal, enriching and the least stressful part of your day.

About Banks F.

1. My fashion icons are Jackie Kennedy, Katherine Hepburn & Kate Middleton

2. I’m currently writing my first fantasy novel

3. I am usually “tea drunk”, which means you’ve drunk so much tea you’re about to burst

4. I grew up in Australia and left when I was 10

5. I speak French, but not fluently. Mais, je ne quitterai jamais

6. I have two shih-tzu pups and a rescue cat: Verdelle, Mr. Pickles and The Miz

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