Product Review: Glossier Boy Brow

About a month ago, I started looking for a tool that would cut down my eyebrow time. My previous system used a clear gel and included three steps, which just seemed like more work that it should be. And, as you know, I think all beauty should be quick and simple. Step (1) comb the brows into place, step (2) set the shape with a clear gel and step (3) fill in brow with shadow. I thought, surely I can remove a step with the right product. Well, enter Boy Brow.

I had been hearing about Glossier for some time now, mostly rave reviews about their signature Lip Gloss and Moon Mask. So I decided to try out Boy Brow for my eyebrows and threw in the Lip Gloss for *ahem* experimental purposes. And I can confidently say that Boy Brow takes the place of all three steps. You can use it to brush the brow into shape while it simultaneously fills in color and sets the brow in place. However, I don’t recommend using it for all three steps during the day.

For daytime brows, I tend to use less product and the more you brush the brows into place, the more filled in your brows become. So for day, I brush the brows into place with an eyebrow wand and then use just a skosh of Boy Brow to fill in and set the brows. On a side note, the lip gloss is pretty awesome as well. It’s not life changing, but it is nice for a subtle, clear gloss or to layer over your lip color for some serious shine.

Overall, I’m a fan of Glossier. I like their straight-forward marketing, practical products and emphasis on not photoshopping their models too much. It’s almost like beauty for real people, haha. Next up: maybe the Moon Mask?