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A Visit To MAM’S Snoballs

Cherry & Pink Lemonade Snoballs with Gummy Bears

It’s the middle of September and Houston is still hotter than a hot dog in a hell bun. Luckily for those of us who don’t have a pool, you can still cool off with a sweet, New Orleans-inspired treat at MAM’S Snoball on W. Cavalcade in The Heights.

Mams Snoballs Storefront

If you don’t know the difference between a New Orleans snoball and its snocone counterpart, the difference is the ice. Snoballs used SHAVED ice for a softer and almost creamy texture as opposed to the hard crunch of a snocone. And MAM’S snoballs come with a wide range of additional toppings, including condensed milk and gummy bears. My go-to is (and always will be) Cherry flavor with gummy bears, but if you have more adventurous tastebuds you should definitely try Dill Pickle, Creole Cream Cheese or Cajun Red Hot.

Snoball Flavors & Menu

While I love all things New Orleans, this out-of-the-way find especially captured my heart due to it’s dive-like appearance. There’s nothing more New Orleans than a hole-in-wall featuring the best food you’ve ever had. If you’re feeling hot and bothered, waiting for Houston’s so-called Fall season to arrive, check it out. And let me know your favorite flavor in the comments!

Happy Customers!

Peace & Snoballs

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