5 Of My Favorite Etsy Purchases

5 Etsy Finds

I’ve probably said this before, but it’s true so I’ll say it again, I really like supporting small business, and especially local, whenever I can. Sadly I haven’t had much luck in the past shopping local Houston makers on Etsy, but next time I want to do a Houston-specific Etsy post (or maybe just the South, in case 5 Houston makers proves too difficult). In the meantime, it still gives me the feel goods to support other small businesses on Etsy and also be able to find super unique items with just a few mouse clicks. And while I’ve purchased a great deal more than 5 items, this a list of my favorites so far.

Etsy Gold Foil Prints

1 & 2. Elf Shoppe and Kalamazoo Design Co Art Prints. I love filling my house with items that tell a story or have special significance to my life. But that’s easier said than done and nobody gets a couch because it belonged to their great-grandmother or speaks to their spirit animal. So I cheat sometimes. But what I love about the art prints above is that they still relate to my personality without having been purchased while traveling or discovered in the dank basement of a relative. I picked the feathers because I like adventure and am a bit of a free spirit and I picked the French phrase because I speak passable French and lived in Paris for 6 months. Translated, it means “I see life wearing rose-colored glasses.”

Etsy Mug - Vinylsaurus

3. Vinlysaurus Rex Mug. I can’t actually take credit for buying this one, it was rather a gift from a excellent friend who knows that I’m working on building a ridiculous mug collection and that this is my favorite Mean Girls quote. I used to say it to my friends all the time, but the older the movie gets, the more I feel like people don’t get the quote immediately and I’ve had to dial back. Best part about this mug is that even though the instructions recommend you hand wash it, I’ve stuck it in the dishwasher many, many times and nothing bad has happened. Thus, I still get to randomly insult my house guests whenever I pour coffee 🙂

Leopard Clutch from Etsy

4. Mimic Design Leopard Clutch. This if my first and only fashion purchase from Etsy. Eventually I’d like to move up to buying a piece of clothing, but I thought a clutch would be a good place to start since you don’t have to worry about sizes and fit. This clutch also cost a lot less than comparable items that I saw from other online retailers. I like it because it really sasses up an outfit, is great quality and also has A LOT more room that any of my other clutches. So I don’t have to debate whether house keys or my cell phone is more important to take with me at night (kidding, but also #nokidding).

Embroidered Linens from Etsy

5. Linen and Stitch Embroidered Linen Napkins. These napkins were an excellent find because I had been looking for something with gold and silver in it, but was having absolutely no luck elsewhere online. I inherited a set of beautiful silver china from my grandmother (seen above) and while I value it highly, a lot of the hardware in my dining room is gold. So I wanted to find a way to mix both metals and thought napkins were the perfect place to start. The quality of these is amazing! I’m still working on the rest of the table setting (maybe pale gold charger plates?), but the napkins filled an immediate need and look really nice with everything I currently have. Now all I have to do is learn some fancy napkin folding techniques.