New Favorite Designer Alert!

Culture Hunt Houston | Erin FetherstonYou may or may not have noticed from previous wardrobe posts, but I am a bit of a J.Crew addict. It’s a little embarrassing, but I have definitely left the house a few times and later realized that I’m wearing 100% J.Crew, down to the shoes, socks and ponytail holder. Part of this scenario is just what I want, a comprehensive closet with many items that I can mix and match while still pulling off a cohesive look. On the other hand, it also can feel like I’m stuck in a rut and not experimenting with any new designers. But the search for an adjunct brand is officially over (for now). Enter, Erin Fetherston.

Culture Hunt Houston | Erin FetherstonWhile Erin mostly designs dresses and looks that are more formal, she’s recently branched out into lingerie and home decor. So I am hopeful that this is only the beginning and we’ll soon have a comprehensive lifestyle brand in the making. As for the dresses I’ve purchased, the craftsmanship is solid, the material is substantial and the fit is perfect for my tiny, little curves!

Culture Hunt Houston | Erin FetherstonAlso, cute side story. I was recently showing my fashion purchases to my cosmopolitan grandmother (ahem, fashion is one of our things) and she looked at my mother a little bit confused when I came out dressed in the outfit shown in these photos. My mom picked up on the confusion immediately and explained that pairing black with neutral shoes was “the thing these days”. Back in the 50s/60s, you always matched your shoes to the darkest color in your outfit. Hence, black dress calls for black shoes. I have to admit, as stylish as I think my grandmother is, I’m glad this is not still the case.

Culture Hunt Houston | Erin Fetherston LBD

To see another look I’ve paired these shoes with, click here. I’ve always believed that your wardrobe should mix and match well to make life easy and effortlessly stylish, so I hope to show a few repeat items here and there on the blog, incorporated into different outfits. Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far!

These photos were taken by the lovely Stephanie Clark of Atascocita Photography at Chateau Polonez and the shoot was organized by the talented Samantha from The Pink Envelope.