My Favorite Outfit EVER





High waisted pants are one of my favorite clothing items because I love tucking my shirt in for a put together and professional look. But this hasn’t always been easy due to my extremely long/ Gumby torso. Put me in a pair of low rise jeans and my shirt must hang over or I end up looking like the world’s loooooongest woman.  So over the years, I’ve acquired a good collection of high waisted everything for when I need to look profesh: pencil skirts, skinny jeans, a-line skirts…you name it, I’ve got it and the zipper goes right up to my belly button. But the really great thing about wide-leg trousers is that you can also dress them up and wear them anywhere. These hot pink mamas have certainly accompanied me to a wedding or two. I just make sure to incorporate a soft blouse, cute clutch and plenty of jewelry when I’m going formal.

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