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Adrift In My Mind – Local Artist Feature

The Artist Behind Adrift In My Mind

I first met Bri Land while talking to a group of women gushing about her work. She smiled politely, humbly accepted the thanks, and I wondered all the while what exactly she did. Cut to a few hours later, Google search complete, and I was in love too.

I once learned that good art is what that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be produced by a recognizable artist or be boiled down to a time period, style or medium. Great art, or the pieces you collect, should be the ones that make you smile. And Bri’s art made me smile in a way that no other pieces really have. I find it tickles this oft-neglected part of our brain where logic and creativity come together. Hence, mathematicians can appreciate her work for the symmetry and geometric lines while fashionistas can appreciate the subtle pops of shimmering gold.

Wood work table

Dying to know more about her process and where she came up with this unique concept, I recently met her for coffee at her quaint home in The Heights where she has a workshop out back.

The workshop is a hodge-podge mix of artwork both finished and being put together. Completing the space are sundry wood chips, piles of reclaimed wood ready to be turned into something beautiful and a fine layer of sawdust that covers it all. Using reclaimed wood is another reason I like Bri’s work. Not only does it fulfill my need to find and support local artists, but I love the idea of recycling as well. So when you buy a piece from Bri, you not only shop local, but you help clean up Houston at the same time.

Adrift In My Mind Sign

Her path to becoming an artist is pretty straightforward. She got laid off from her job in digital marketing and simply had to get back to work straight away. Luckily, she had previously experimented with reclaimed wood when her mother tried to pawn an ugly sofa table off on her. Instead of accepting the terrible piece as was, she re-painted the base and covered the top with a chevron-patterned wood inlay. Hence, the designs you see today.

Bri with her artworkAnd while success was initially slow in coming, she’s now been featured on Etsy, HGTV and has received so many custom requests that her second collection had to be put on hold. I had the pleasure of viewing one such custom piece during my visit, a beautiful gold and white headboard (whoever ordered that one, I WANT to see your house). And if you’re looking for a piece to call your own, either check out her Etsy shop or perhaps think up the next amazing custom request!

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