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How To Style Your Bookshelves

Kitchen Bookshelves

If you’ve ever Googled tips on how to style the bookshelves in your home, you’ve likely noticed that most of the results include few to any actual books on said shelves. The frustrating part is that the styled shelves are beautiful and curated, but replicating that aesthetic won’t do anything to eliminate the number of books in your home, whether they be stuffed in closets or still hanging out in the original cardboard moving boxes. As much as I love interior decor that is clean and minimalistic, I want people that visit my house to know that I LOVE AND READ BOOKS. Love them, not like them. I am constantly reading fantasy, biographies, history, cookbooks, memoirs, you name it. And having a home that doesn’t reflect such a major part of my life seems sad. So the question for me has never been if I’m going to display my entire library, but what is the best way?

Color coded blue books

Say hello to color coded books! At first I was a little squeamish about this concept, worried about finding the book I wanted when they weren’t categorized by title, author or genre. But when I really thought the process through, I realized how rare it is for me to read a book again (excepting my precious Harry Potter novels, of course) or lend one to someone else…as in, this never happens. Therefore, there really isn’t a big need for me to be able to easily find a specific book. PLUS, perusing the collection while it’s arranged by color means running into something I hadn’t considered reading before and it truly displays the full range of books that LIL and I read. So really, lots of reasons to color code your books. The one area I didn’t compromise in, however, was the cookbook section as you can see in the below photograph.

Color coded cookbooks

Because these shelves are in the kitchen, I considered it imperative that all the cookbooks remain in one place. However, if you look closely at the photo above, you’ll notice that I’ve slipped in a few non-cookbooks to help the color gradation. Otherwise, I grouped books together by shade or if two or more books shared the same secondary color. Then to tie everything together, I made sure that the books were above, beside or diagonal to an object that shared the same color. You’ll notice a blue Muses shoe from Mardi Gras above the blue books and the yellow ceramic bananas are diagonal to the yellow books. I’m sure I’ll play with the arrangement quite a bit as I continue you to collect books (please, some pink and purple ones would be nice), but I’m already pretty happy with the pop of color in my all-white kitchen.

Color coded bookshelves in the kitchen

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