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New York Apartment Decorating Plans

Mood board inspiration for my New York apartment

New year, new apartment, new interior design project! Woo hoo! Two weeks ago we moved out of corporate housing and into our permanent apartment in lower Manhattan. You may have seen a glimpse of it on Instagram stories, but don’t worry, the video tour is coming soon (once my Canon comes back from the camera doctor). It may be a new post, or I’ll just post it at the bottom of this one. Regardless, I’ve done a lot of thinking about how to decorate my new space and pulled it all together in the above mood board.

Because we’re in a smaller space (991 sq. ft. to be exact), my priority is to make the space feel as big as possible by bringing more cohesion to the existing decor in my bedroom and living room. In my bedroom we have a lot of black and white with pops of pink (you can see my headboard and actual bedding above) and the living room has an array of colors that I want to pare down, incorporate more powder blue into, but still keep a few, multi-color motifs. So I had to find a way to bring those two, discordant themes together.

Luckily we have a beautiful long hallway between the two rooms, which presented the perfect transition area to bring in a fifth color and bridge the gap between the rooms to make everything feel intentional. Thus, I picked a royal blue bench that will sit between two of the bookshelves shown above. The bookshelves are minimalistic to keep the hallway feeling open and the royal blue should be the perfect transition color between black and light blue. Then I plan to throw black and white stripe chairs into the living room along with a few more pops of pink to make the whole space cohesive.

Links to the mood board products are below. Follow me on Instagram for live updates on the apartment decorating process!

Bed Cover: Pottery Barn | Bed Skirt: Simply Soft | Crystal Lamp: Lamp’s Plus | Blue Pillows: Bed Bath & Beyond | Upholstered Bench: Jennifer Taylor Home | Bookshelves: Napa Home & Garden | New York Photo: Prokos Fine Art Photography | Paris Photo: Lovely Clusters | Black & White Dining Chairs: Ballard Designs