New York

3 Month Perspective: Living in New York

New York landmarks

I’ve been living in New York for 3 months now and I thought it would be a cool idea to catalog my experiences and perspective starting as a newcomer and then as I transition into a more legit New Yorker. So the plan is to take another look back at 6 months, 9 months and a year to catalog what I’ve learned about the city and how/if my initial opinions have changed. To start I’ve listed four things that have made the biggest impression on me so far, as someone moving from smaller cities in the South to a big city in the North.

Dog Care in the Winter SUCKS

New York dog walking

I never realized how easy dog care is in the south, especially if you have a backyard (even a teensy one). These are the extra steps I take in New York, in the winter: (1) put coat on dog when we go out (2) brush dog after coat wear so they don’t get matted (3) walk them around the block and hope to goodness they learn to pee on cement quickly (4) wipe their feet down after the walk, because New York streets are dirty and they probably stepped in a lot of dog pee (if not their own). In Houston, no coats, no brushing and it took them 10 minutes less to do their business in the backyard. Thankfully, I’ve gotten more used to the process AND it’s gotten warmer.

Traveling by Subway is the BEST

New York subway card

Similar to trains/planes/driverless cares, riding the subway means you can read, work or do whatever during your daily commute. I even saw a girl put on an entire face of makeup and wanted to congratulate her at the end. You can also get around faster on the subway versus cab. But the real perk for me as a writer is people watching, people watching, people watching. I’ve gotten in the habit of writing down descriptions of the more interesting riders, so I can pull the physical descriptions for my book characters at a later date.

My Proximity to Local Businesses is RIDICULOUS

New York streetscape

This is the one aspect of New York I may never get over. To give you an idea, there are 3 dry cleaners within two blocks of where I live, a Target one block away and two blocks away is Whole Foods. I could go on and on. My primary care physician is one block away, my eye doctor is two blocks away. And this isn’t specific to where I live, it’s the entire island of Manhattan. The downside, is that I suspect it allows bad restaurants to survive when they wouldn’t otherwise. But I’ll be talking more about that in the 6 month perspective.

Being Steps Aways from History is AMAZING

Brooklyn Bridge New York

Much of this may be in large part to the fact that I live in Lower Manhattan, which was the first populated area of Manhattan and remained so for some time. But on any given day, I can walk (again proximity!) to the Brooklyn Bridge, a defensive CASTLE (that’s right, a castle on the tip of Manhattan), the 9/11 memorial, or the inn where George Washington gave his farewell address to the Continental Army. On my to-do list is also a visit to the Tenement Museum, where you can tour preserved tenement buildings from the late 1800s that housed some of New York’s vibrant, immigrant population.


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