Prioritizing Positive Relationships

After evaluating Culture Hunt over the holiday, I’ve decided to make a few changes for the new year. While I started the blog as an opportunity to explore Houston as well as practice and improve my writing and photography skills, I’ve realized that the current format, when done well, leaves little time in my life for anything else. As most of you know, I already work a full time job in Marketing and Advertising and, as my close friends know, I’m a bit of a hobby addict. Looking at my hobbies in terms of priorities, I realized that running a successful blog is really about third or fourth on the list and I would like to use 2017 to complete my first two priorities. In addition, I would also like to find time to volunteer more this year. Yay!


The good news about the upcoming blog transition is that the articles about Houston people, places and things-to-do will not go away entirely. Instead, I’m going to scale those articles back a little and focus on lifestyle content as well. Writing articles about things I’m already doing will drastically decrease the workload and I’ll also get to share other parts of my life, such as my love of interior design or my thoughts on how flip-flops aren’t real shoes.


That said, I’m also going to showcase more of my voice this year and plan to occasionally discuss politics and 21st century feminism. I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND if this means that I lose a few readers and I respect that people will likely disagree with my viewpoints from time to time. However, if the past year has taught me anything, it’s that there is absolutely no benefit to keeping my beliefs to myself and remaining silent. I foolishly started to think this year that holding back my political beliefs was a sign of becoming more mature and a way of happily maintaining all of the current relationships in my life. But I have never been the type of person that keeps silent when they see something wrong happening and I now promise that I never will be that way going forward.


I’ve already paid the price for this personal decision somewhat and developed a difficult relationship with one of my family members. But as I discussed the issue with a friend, she brought up that being outspoken, especially with the intention of defending my friends, is what people love best about me. So yes, being yourself may mean that you lose a family member or other close relationship in your life. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your beliefs about treating people with respect to make sure that someone close to you feels content with their bigotry. I’ve discovered that by being silent, someone in the wrong gets to continue enjoying their way of life while I remain unhappy for not speaking up and feeling that I live in a world where base prejudice is quietly tolerated.

In a year as tumultuous as 2016, I’m sure this message hits close to home for a few of you who have already seen certain relationships disappear. If you ever need any support, feel free to contact me here and we can chat. Otherwise, know that the real tragedy is for a young, enlightened mind to accept hate where she only sees love just to keep a friend. There are SO MANY (I’m serious, A TON of) loving, inclusive, un-prejudiced people around you and the very belief that may shun you from the company of others will make us love you even more.