Female Insults & What They Really Mean

It could be the older I get, the longer I’m in the workforce or just the current political climate. But whatever the reason, I’ve started to notice more and more all of the ways we insult women and use who they are as a way to degrade others. I’ve been watching the TV show Suits (mainly because I think the leads are hot) and I began picking up the fact that the female secretary often insults men by calling them “ladies” or asking if they need a tampon. To add insult to injury, the female leads (a secretary + a paralegal) are constantly demeaned for their “lesser” career paths and even spend one episode drinking at a bar and pretending to be their more powerful male coworkers. You know, because who they are isn’t good enough for the men they’re in love with. I literally wanted to reach through the screen and send them to rehab. What kind of rehab, I’m not sure, but the view they had of themselves and other women was just SAD.

I think we’re all a little guilty of this. I can say with 100% confidence that I have asked men if they’re “on their period” in moments of extreme anger. But it’s got to stop. If we live in a society where it’s not okay to use the word gay as an insult (and it’s not), then it’s time to stop calling men “girls” or “ladies” as a cut down. I mean, THESE WORDS ARE WHO WE ARE! And I don’t find my gender insulting, or less than, in the least.

To kick off my resolution of not using these words as insults and encouraging others to do the same, I’ve created a list of cliché insults and what I think when people use them. Enjoy! And let me know if you’ve noticed this type of sexism and what you do to combat it.

Ball Buster

I think: She must be authoritative and goes after what she wants without apologizing for it


She’s rigid and uptight

I think: She must be smart and calculating


She’s crazy

I think: She’s passionate and upset and YOU don’t want to act like a grown up and deal with it

Basic Bitch

I think: Basic person. Because I’ve met a lot of basic men in life as well


She doesn’t know how to dress

I think: She doesn’t care what people think and that intimidates them


She’s too opinionated

I think: She must be smart and educated