See Houston, Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Beautiful Blue Bicycle

I hope you all had an excellent long weekend! Mine was spent cruising around H-town on my beautiful new city bike, going to the theater, taking naps and getting some projects done. And I’m happy to say that biking is officially…

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A Couples Shoot

It may come as a surprise, but I’m really not a photo person. Yes, photography is one of my favorite hobbies, but I’ve never been great about taking photos in the moment. At weddings, you’re more likely to find me…

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The Heights

Buchanan’s Native Plants

Rows of Flower and Cute Rooster Decor!

If you’ve ever tried gardening and weren’t born with a green thumb, and don’t have critter friends like a Disney princess, you know plants can be finicky and that it’s not a hobby for quitters. You can over water, under water, not…

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My Favorite Outfit EVER

High waisted pants are one of my favorite clothing items because I love tucking my shirt in for a put together and professional look. But this hasn’t always been easy due to my extremely long/ Gumby torso. Put me in a pair…

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Montrose Shop

After moving to a city that seems to encompass every chain store in the country, I admit that I haven’t been making the best effort to shop local. Eat local, absolutely. Shop local….well, that’s another story. The New Orleans me…

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