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It may come as a surprise, but I’m really not a photo person. Yes, photography is one of my favorite hobbies, but I’ve never been great about taking photos in the moment. At weddings, you’re more likely to find me chatting up old friends, boogey-ing on the dance floor, or scarfing down my first meal of the day (gotta look good in my new dress, after all).

Normally, I’m okay with not being a photo person. I even read once that you retain more memories of places and events when you don’t spend time taking pictures. Never the less, I got a little sad recently when I realized that LIL and I don’t have any pictures together from the last two years of our life. Two seconds later, I realized there was an obvious solution to that.

In the Bedroom | Houston Lifestyle BlogFor the first of two shoots, I wanted to create an airy, stripped-down feel. As if you were glimpsing us during the more real moments of our life. Taking pictures with just a camera remote and an antsy subject was a little more difficult than I anticipated and the angles weren’t exactly what I wanted every time, but I’m happy with the overall result. It’s light, bright and this is who we really are. We laugh all the time and four years into our relationship, LIL finally convinced me of how wonderful it is to not wear pants in the house.

Enjoy our little photo essay. My next plan is to do a Better Homes and Gardens-esque shoot in the kitchen (i.e, Christmas card appropriate). But for now, I’m going enjoy taking a break from that blasted remote for a while.

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