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6 AM Adventures at Hugs & Donuts

Display Case at Hugs & Donuts

One year ago this April, Chef Matt Opaleski said goodbye to his food truck, opened Hugs & Donuts in The Heights and has never looked back. Nor should he, as most weekend mornings give way to a line of customers right out of the door. But if you’re sneaky, you can always find a good time to beat the rush and get your donut(s). As for me, my recent visit saw me back in the Hugs & Donuts kitchen at 6 AM to see how it all gets made.

Before you feel sorry for my early wake-up call, you should know that the bakers arrive between 2-3 AM. Woof! But trust me, the donut-y good-ness is worth it (in my opinion).

Tiers of Donuts in the Hugs & Donuts Kitchen

Hugs & Donuts offers every donut that you’ve heard of or could possibly want. They have filled donuts, cake donuts, old fashioned cake donuts and the list goes on. But the little donut shop is not just what the name implies. They also serve an exciting range of kolaches stuffed with everything from sausage to boudin to BBQ sourced from Houston favorites like Willow’s Texas BBQ.

And if you somehow decide that your donut doesn’t have enough sugar, they even offer chocolate powder and cinnamon in little shaker bottles to top off every craving.

Hug & Donuts Interior

If you’ve never been to Hug & Donuts, here’s the scoop on current fan favorites so you can order like a pro. Ahem, announcing the winners of best donut in each category:

Filled Donut: Lemon Meringue

Cake Donut: Blueberry with Lemon

Glazed Donut: Maple Bacon

Staff Favorite Donut: Biscoff Cookie Butter

Best Kolache: Willow’s BBQ Brisket

I would also like to add that The Homer (being decorated below) wins the award for kid’s favorite…and also mine. Which I happen to take as a compliment because 6-year-olds know how to have fun, and always choose their taste buds over health — ha!

Decorating Donuts

And if your final question is, Do they also deliver hugs? then the answer is yes. Just ring the bell at the end of the register and you’ll get a warm one to go.

Ring for a Hug! Bell

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